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Composite Bicycle Highway Contest

09 March 2001

Advanced Composite materials are making more and more inroads into structural and civil engineering. To design with these materials requires basic engineering know-how, but also a ""feel"" for how to work with them. This feeling can only be developed if students are given the opportunity to gain engineering knowledge of advanced composites.

EPTA, the European Pultrusion Technology Association, in close cooperation with its members, has decided to offer the opportunity for Structural- and Material- Engineering students at European Universities and Colleges to participate in a unique contest to design a Bicycle Highway primarily made of composite materials. They have called this project ""HICYCLE"". After a first selection 3 designs will be nominated. The students and professor of these designs will be paid to come to the 6th World Pultrusion Conference, April 2002 in Prague, CZ. At this conference the winner will be chosen. Winners of the first prize will receive very handsome track-bikes. Details of this contest can also be found on under ""activities"". From this point you can scroll down to: ""other activities""; ""HICYCLE"", which then can be downloaded as a pdf file.

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