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3TEX Introduces 3Carbonbillet

09 March 2001

3TEX, Inc. a worldwide leader in developing next generation 3D preforms and composites, today announced it is introducing 3Carbonbillet. The product line includes preforms and composite billets and board stock 3D woven using the patented 3Weave process. This results in an integrated composite, which will not delaminate, allowing designers to take composites out of the mold and directly into the CNC/CAM, and tooling board arena, announced Brad Lienhart, President/CEO. 3Carbonbillet is being launched as a 3TEX commercial product line at the JEC 2001 Show on March 26 in Paris, France. The preforms and billet will be sold initially in 12"" and 18"" widths, and in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1 and 1 1/2 inch thickness. 3Carbonbillet preforms and consolidated billets will be made from 12K and 48K carbon fiber. Consolidation of billets will be made generally with epoxy vinyl ester or epoxy modified resins in a resin infusion process. Special resins may be required for certain higher temperature tooling board applications.

The automated machines are capable of processing straight, carbon fibers in an orthogonal construction at very high speeds. These straight fiber pathways further accelerate resin consolidation. 3TEX has made automotive and high performance bike parts using standard steel and aluminum machining equipment. The results are clean, sharp part lines and bolt/bearing strength ratings comparable to aluminum. 3Carbonbillet parts are 46% lighter than aluminum, will not corrode and are easily cut with a water jet.

3Carbonbillet will open new markets in competition with steel and aluminum, while in the composite area 3Carbonbillet(TM) will revolutionize tooling board construction. 3TEX is working with several carbon fiber and resin producers in strategic alliances to introduce the 3Carbonbillet a product line. 3TEX will also add a 3Glassbillet product line with thick preforms made from E-Glass and S-2 Glass. Samples and additional information on 3TEX, 3Carbonbillet(TM) will be available at the JEC 2001 show, Albinoni Hall, stall D5 or contact Don Wigent, Product Engineer,

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