Teijin to raise aramid fiber output to 20,500 tonnes annually

21 June 2001

Teijin Ltd will increase production of aramid fiber by 8,100 tonnes to 20,500 tonnes annually, while maintaining more than 50 pct market share worldwide.

The 20,500 tonnes will include an increase in the annual output of the company's aramid fiber product Twaron at its plant in the Netherlands by 7,500 tonnes to 18,500 tonnes after a new production facility is set up. The new facility will commence operation in April 2003.

The company will also increase production capacity of another aramid fiber product, Technora, at its Matsuyama plant in Japan by 600 tonnes to 2,000 tonnes annually by the end of November. The company said worldwide demand for heat resistant aramid fiber will increase to 50,000 tonnes annually in 2005 from 36,000 tonnes in 2001.

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