Phoenixx TPC Acquires Thermoplastic Composite Processing Technology

21 June 2001

Phoenixx TPC has acquired patents and technology from Chevron-Phillips Chemical Company LP and Phillips Petroleum Corporation. The acquired patents & technology involve the materials and processes necessary to produce thermoplastic composite materials. The technology acquired by Phoenixx TPC covers the manufacturing process used to produce high quality thermoplastic composite prepreg tapes. Two major segments of the technology include the process of embedding powdered thermoplastic resins into reinforcing fibers using a slurry or aqueous bath type process (patent number 5,019,427) and the process of using a pultrusion type die to produce thermoplastic prepreg tapes and other shapes (patent number 4,900,499).

Commenting on the acquisition, David Park, President of Phoenixx TPC, stated, ""This is a very robust processing technology, in that we can produce fiber reinforced prepreg tapes from any thermoplastic resin that we can obtain in a powdered form. This technology is not limited to continuous unidirectional tapes, but can also be used to produce fabric prepregs and sheet molding compounds. In addition, Phoenixx has also developed substantial additional proprietary processing technology that is very complimentary to the base technology acquired from Chevron-Phillips and Phillips Petroleum.""

Mr. Park further stated, ""We had been licensing this technology from Phillips Petroleum since our company's inception in 1998. We have reason to believe there may be some companies infringing upon this technology. This acquisition gives us the ability to protect our own patent rights.""

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