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Kaneb Services' Furmanite Alliance with DML Composites

21 June 2001

Kaneb Services’ wholly-owned subsidiary Furmanite Worldwide has established an alliance with DML Composites to offer advanced technology for on-site sealing and repair to the petroleum and power industries in the United Kingdom. The alliance couples Furmanite's full range of on-call, on-site, on-line repair and maintenance services with DML's leading edge expertise in composite materials technology.

"The use of advanced composite technologies represents a giant leap forward in sealing and repair techniques for the petroleum and power industries," said John R. Barnes, chairman, president and CEO of Kaneb Services, Inc. "These are the industries in which Furmanite has long-term relationships and an outstanding reputation for delivering innovations and customized solutions. This alliance will contribute significant opportunities for Furmanite's growth, while demonstrating our ability to deliver the most advanced technologies to our customers."

In the complex, high pressure environment of power plants, petroleum refineries, onshore, offshore and subsea drilling platforms, the Furmanite/DML Alliance is applying advanced technologies using materials that include carbon fiber and epoxy resin to accomplish repairs that are strong and impervious to corrosion. And, unlike traditional temporary sealing methods that may require up to a week's time for on-site assessment, design and production of a customized solution, composite materials can be applied and the solution completed in as little as four to five hours. This first-of-class technological solution from Furmanite/DML has already been successfully deployed for major oil corporations in the U.K. and North Sea, including Shell, BP, Amerada Hess and Texaco.

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