Atlantic Research Corporation and Goodrich Sign Agreement For Titanium Matrix Components

21 June 2001

Atlantic Research Corporation (ARC) and Goodrich Corporation have recently signed an exclusive joint development agreement for titanium matrix composites (TMC) landing gear components. TMC is a form of metal matrix composites utilizing silicon carbide monofilament in a titanium matrix to match the performance standards of steel while providing the weight benefit of titanium.

ARC is developing and manufacturing a growing line of titanium matrix composite products for commercial and military aircraft platforms at their West Virginia and Massachusetts plants. Reinforcing titanium components with high temperature ceramic fibers affords landing gear manufacturers high performance materials that weigh half as much as comparable steel parts.

Bob Daidone, ARC's Director of TMC Operations, said, ""With the development of several new commercial airframes in the years ahead, and as aircraft need to extend the range, speed and load capacity to match airline requirements, weight savings is becoming a priority. ARC is pleased to participate with Goodrich in the development and transition of TMC weight saving technology to commercial applications."" ""This is the type of leading edge technology Goodrich strives to incorporate into our products,"" said Gerry Kouverianos, Vice President of Engineering for Goodrich Landing Gear. ""We are looking forward to working with ARC to develop titanium metal matrix composites as one of the next generation materials for landing gear design and manufacture."" The development program will focus on commercial as well as military landing gear platforms.

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