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3TEX & Second Chance to Develop Next-Generation Protective Gear for Police & Military

21 June 2001

3TEX has signed a long-term strategic alliance with Second Chance Body Armor, Inc. Second Chance is the nation’s largest manufacturer of soft concealable personal body armor, primarily for police and military use.

Using 3TEX’s patented 3WEAVE process and 3TEX Engineered Armor Products, Second Chance will develop a wide variety of next-generation protective armor for police, swat, and military units throughout the world. Products may include helmets, body armor vests, shields, barriers, and armor kits.

In addition, 3TEX and Second Chance will work together to develop new anti-ballistic and anti-stab armor applications from 3TEX proprietary 3WEAVE technology. Second Chance and 3TEX will work together in developing new commercial products, which may improve “stab” performance, back face signature, and ballistics performance.

“Second Chance is recognized around the world for its expertise in developing superior wearable armor products,” said Brad Lienhart 3TEX CEO. “Second Chance’s vast market experience and product knowledge, coupled with our patented 3WEAVE technology, will allow us to take a lead development position in this competitive industry. This new alliance is a very significant step for our Defense & Ballistics Division.”

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