NAFEMS Awareness Seminar: Advances in Composites Analysis & Design

01 June 2001

20th June 2001
The purpose of the seminar is to present an up to date synopsis of modelling techniques for the analysis of elastic and inelastic behaviour of composite structures, subjected to static and dynamic loading.

Composite materials can offer significant gains in specific materials properties over their metallic counterparts and their anisotropic nature and laminate construction allow designers to tailor structural properties to loading requirements. However, FE modelling of composites structures requires specialist skills to correctly define directional properties, modes of failure and failure propagation and these aspects must be correctly analysed at the design stage if the advantages of composites are to be fully exploited. The seminar will include presentations on the following: Elastic anistropic laminated analysis; Failure modelling - in plane and delaminated; Post first-failure-analysis :- damage mechanics; Impact and energy absorption.

The seminar is aimed at engineers involved in design, analysis of composite structures and assessment. It will also serve to provide technical managers with an overview of the latest technique being used by industry.

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