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Cyclics Corporation Announces Formation of German Subsidiary and Expansion Into Europe

01 June 2001

Cyclics Corporation has formed Cyclics Europe GmbH and appointed Roman Eder as Managing Director. Cyclics Europe has set up an office in Stuttgart Germany which will cover all of Europe.

""The collaborations with European manufacturers have dominated our early development efforts,"" said John Ciovacco, CEO of Cyclics Corporation. ""By expanding into Europe we can serve our European customers faster and thereby accelerate our growth. We are particularly pleased that Mr. Eder will be leading those efforts,"" noted Ciovacco. ""His experience with and understanding of low viscosity reactive thermoplastic systems is invaluable.""

""The market in Europe has unique drivers which should speed the acceptance and introduction of low viscosity thermoplastics into numerous applications,"" said Roman Eder, Managing Director of Cyclics Europe. ""The recyclability of thermoplastic composites, unique post-processing options, and the lack of exotherm and volatile emissions during polymerization give low viscosity thermoplastics a unique market position.""

Cyclics Corporation is commercializing an innovative plastic technology, known as cyclic thermoplastics, based on technology developed and patented by The General Electric Company (GE). Cyclic thermoplastics are a breakthrough in plastics processing making new products possible and changing the economics of existing ones. They offer the processing advantages of a thermoset, namely the low viscosity, but retain the material properties of a thermoplastic when polymerized. Cyclics products include low viscosity forms of popular polyester thermoplastics.

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