Electron Beam Curing Research Facility Established in Dayton

26 January 2001

The University of Dayton recently established a "Laboratory for Research on Electron Beam Curing of Composites", which is being operated in collaboration with scientists from Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The facility is located at the National Composite Center (NCC) in Dayton, Ohio. The 3 MeV electron beam accelerator is specially designed as a unique research instrument and will be dedicated to basic research on unsolved problems in electron beam (e-beam) processing of composites. This research will be essential to establishing the e-beam curing method as a qualified, low cost means for fabricating large scale composites for aerospace, automotive, and other structural applications. E-beam technology has been used commercially for many years in such procedures as sterilizing medical equipment and curing thin polymer films and coatings. However, no dedicated basic research facility previously existed in the U.S. which had the proper equipment to research e-beam curing of composite structures. For more information on the facility or e-beam curing in general, see or contact laboratory coordinator Dr. Don Klosterman at 937-229-2794.

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