Carbon Fiber Management Council Formed

26 January 2001

Carbon fiber producers, representing most of the global capacity, met in San Antonio last month and elected to form an industry council within the Composites Fabricators Association, the world's largest composites trade association. The Carbon Fiber Management Council was formed to meet the needs of the producers that had been previously addressed by SACMA, the Suppliers of Advanced Composite Materials Association. This association ceased to exist June 1, 2000. Participation in the CFMC will be open to all polyacrylonitrile (PAN) based carbon fiber manufacturers that are members of the Composites Fabricators Association. The CFMC was formed to provide leadership to facilitate the growth of the carbon fiber markets; to establish a cooperative industry environment by sharing technical, health, safety, and related data and support education to ensure the industry meets its legal and ethical responsibilities. The first item on the CFMC agenda will be to establish a mechanism for compiling global carbon fiber industry statistics. Peter Oswald of Fortafil Fibers, Inc was elected to chair the council and Tom Lemire of Toho Carbon fibers was elected as vice chairman/chairman elect. For further information contact or

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