Southern Manufacturing

Pyrograf-III Carbon Fiber

19 January 2001

Pyrograf Products, Inc., (PPI) a subsidiary of Applied Sciences, Inc., is pleased to announce that Pyrograf-III carbon nanofiber is now available in product development quantities from PPI's pilot plant. Pyrograf-III is a patented, very fine, highly graphitic carbon nanofiber. Pyrograf-III has a typical average diameter between 0.05 and 0.2 µm and a length estimated to be 50 -100 microns. The diameters of carbon nanofibers fall within a narrow distribution, the average of which can be varied over a range from 100 nm to 350 nm. Pyrograf-III is much smaller than conventional continuous or milled carbon fibers (5 -10 µm) but significantly larger than carbon nanotubes (0.001 - 0.01 µm). The main attribute of the Pyrograf-III carbon nanofiber is its ability to provide significant electrical resistivity at acceptable filler levels in a variety of organic and ceramic composites. In addition, Pyrograf-III carbon nanofiber can simultaneously provide enhanced mechanical properties of certain organic matrix materials, particularly non-polar matrices such as rubber and polyolefins, along with electrical conductivity over a broad range. A number of unique, non-composite applications proprietary to PPI's customers are also under development. Research to develop additional fiber types is ongoing. Additional technical information can be obtained by contacting Mr. D. Burton,

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