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Featherlite Unveils New Composite Luxury Coach

12 January 2001

Culminating two years in development, a new, state-of-the-art luxury motorcoach has been launched by Featherlite Luxury Coaches of Sanford, Fla. "The 6000LX is the industry's first composite luxury motor coach," said Featherlite President and CEO Conrad Clement. "The exterior is aerodynamically designed and is constructed of composite panels similar to those used in manufacturing some of the finest yachts in the world." The composite fiberglass, balsa and NitaCore panels provide strength and reduce weight. Clement said the results were dramatic. "During development, our test drivers commented that the 6000LX's composite construction and new patent-pending sway bar system provided a lower center of gravity which resulted in exceptional handling, even in strong cross winds," he said. "Several customers who have tried the 6000LX report that it drives better than any coach or bus they have ever driven."

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