Philippine Aerospace Development Corp to Be In Black

02 February 2001

The Philippine Aerospace Development Corp. hopes to be in the black this year. At present, PADC is still finalizing its negotiations for a joint venture with America's biggest aircraft maintenance company, National Airomotive Corporation (NAC). The venture can bail the agency out of its financial problems. PADC has been losing P5 to P30 million per annum in the past. "We lack economies of scale through we have the competence to do assembly and fabrication of composite materials as well as plane bodies," Reyes said. In the past, the agency was responsible for assembling the S211 of the Philippine Air Force and repairing even the biggest PAF planes, the C130 or L100 cargo aircraft. This was on top of its regular aircraft maintenance services, overhaul of engines, aircraft parts and components distribution. PADC is involved in national interest and security. Its clients are in the military, general aviation and the government. It is primarily engaged in aircraft assembly, repair and sale of aircraft parts.

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