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Resin And Omniglass Secure Window Part Contract

16 February 2001

Resin Systems Inc. (RSI) and Omniglass Ltd., a major pultrusion manufacturer of window frames and associated components, jointly announced that they have secured an agreement to utilize RSI's Version "G" resin from one of North America's largest window and door companies. The new component will replace a traditional steel reinforcement part or "stiffner" that reduces twisting of vinyl sash components in a window. These parts have traditionally been made from steel, an inefficient material for thermal insulation purposes. While other composite resins have been tried in this application, they would crack or shatter in the assembly process due to their inherent brittleness. Parts manufactured from Version resins have a unique toughness that permits them to be screwed, nailed or drilled without breaking. The use of Version will result in cost savings for the Customer, superior thermal "R" factors for home and building owners in an increasingly energy conscious world and a faster production time. Omniglass will pultrude product with the Version resin at approximately twice the speed of traditional polyester resins. In the first year, the new component will be utilized in approximately 200 thousand windows. RSI is a chemical technology company, which has developed a line of specialized resins for the production of a broad range of products made from composite materials.

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