A Better Epoxy Prepreg for Sandwich Panels

16 February 2001

FiberCote Industries, Inc. has introduced a new product designed specifically for large sandwich panel production. Similar to first generation systems, E-717 is a self-adhesive, fire-retardant system that meets FAR 25.853 vertical burn requirements. But what makes E-717 different is that it is easier to handle, does not require refrigeration, and has superior peel strength and lower deflection at peak load. In addition, total cure cycle times as short as 30 minutes are possible. Versus first generation "rubber modified" systems, E-717 is dry and boardy at room temperature and does not require poly separator film, which actually makes large sheets easier and quicker to handle. In addition, single skin honeycomb sandwich panels fabricated with E-717 exhibit very low "telegraph" effect

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