Confluence & 3TEX Announce Partnership at National Outdoor Retailer Show

17 August 2001

Confluence, a manufacturer of canoes, kayaks, and unique sailing trimarans, has signed a strategic alliance with 3TEX.

Confluence will use 3TEX's 3WEAVE to construct paddlesport products, such as canoes and kayaks. 3TEX's 3WEAVE is claimed to improve the overall performance of Confluence's products by making them lighter and stronger, allowing paddlers to easily transport their canoe or kayak. With the ability to be different shapes, the composite products can be suited for a wide range of paddlers, whether it's a longer design for speed (and easier to paddle over distance), or a shorter design for better mobility (easier to turn).

"Our partnership with 3TEX will allow us to develop an entirely new generation of products," said Bill Medlin, CEO of Confluence. "Confluence is dedicated to creating the most innovative and cutting edge watersports products in the world. Our relationship with 3TEX will allow us to continue our leadership role in this competitive industry." "We are very focused on partnering with companies that lead product development within their market sector," said Brad Lienhart, CEO of 3TEX. "Confluence is highly regarded in the Watersports industry and is a perfect partner as 3TEX expands its Marine Product Division. We look forward to working closely with Confluence to develop next-generation paddlesport products."

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