Carbon Fiber 2001 Conference

02 August 2001

Intertech’s fourth international business development conference titled - “The Global Outlook for Carbon Fiber 2001”- will be held at La Cité Mondiale Centre de Congres at the Libertel Claret Hotel — Bordeaux, FRANCE on 16-18 October 2001.

The Conference Co-Chairs for 2001 are Jens Hinrichsen, Director-Structures, EADS Airbus, Large Aircraft Division and Dan Pichler, Business Unit Chairman, SGL Technic, Inc. In addition, one optional interactive pre-conference seminar, “A Geographic Comparison of Carbon Fiber Composite Markets,” conducted by Charles L. Segal, Director, Omnia, L.L.C. and Steve Loud, Editor, Composites Worldwide is currently scheduled for October 16. Another Pre-conference seminar on new manufacturing technology is also planned.

This conference will bring together carbon fiber manufacturers with composite industry executives and technologists to explore the role of carbon fiber in the composites industry and the outlook for growth, supply and demand of carbon fibers. Attendees will receive a complete briefing on market trends by region and sector; new technologies; and trends in end-use markets with significant near-term growth potential. Conference sessions are being designed to maximize contact and the flow of information between producers and end-users, and promotional efforts will be focused on the goal of maximizing international participation in the conference. The Bordeaux location has been selected to assure convenience of travel for attendees from Europe, the U.S. and Asia, and to provide access for overseas visitors to the key French composite producers in the region, such as EADS Launch Vehicles (Aerospatiale), EADS Composites Aquitaine, Dassault, EADS Airbus and SNECMA SEP.

Delegates will focus on the use of carbon fiber in aerospace and commercial aircraft, infrastructure, deepwater oil platforms, transportation and energy applications. How are these applications being successfully converted into commercial practice? What has the most effect: price, installed cost, standardization, or innovative design and manufacturing improvements? This international meeting will provide an objective, comprehensive forum to discuss new developments for carbon fibers in emerging markets, such as wind energy, transportation and fuel cells, as well as in traditional markets, such as aerospace and sporting goods. Discussions will focus on methods to streamline manufacturing costs in aerospace and large tow use in commercial applications.

Speaker recruitment for the 2001 conference is now underway. To submit a topic for consideration, or for more information and/or to request a conference brochure with complete information on speakers, sessions, hotel arrangements, etc., please contact Scott Stephenson at Intertech Conferences, 19 Northbrook Drive, Portland, Maine 04105 USA. Tel: +1 (207) 781-9800, Fax: +1 (207) 781-2150

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