Hydrogen Fuel Storage Systems for DaimlerChrysler Commercial Bus

05 April 2001

Dynetek Industries Ltd. is delivering the first of two on-board hydrogen fuel storage systems for the 30 fuel cell buses for European cities that DaimlerChrysler announced earlier this week. Dynetek is working with XCELLSiS The Fuel Cell Engine Company,that is providing the fuel cell engine, to design the fuel storage solution for this order using Dynetek's 350 bar (5000 psi) hydrogen fuel storage system.
The 350 bar system provides the range that is critical for a bus. "Commercial buses can be in service over eight hours per day before refuelling," says Mr. Portmann, Dynetek's President and CEO. "The 350 bar system provides the driving range required by a commercial bus."
The system is also lightweight, another critical component to a bus manufacturer. The first system is currently at Powertech Labs, a third-part testing agency, and will then be delivered to XCELLSiS for further design modifications. Dynetek's 350 bar cylinders are certified and available for commercial sale in the U.S., Japan and Europe, where these buses are headed for service starting early in 2002.
Dynetek develops, produces and markets Advanced Lightweight Fuel Storage Systems(TM) for storing compressed natural gas (CNG) for low emission CNG vehicles and compressed hydrogen for zero emission hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The Dynetek advanced fuel storage system is designed with a seamless thin-wall aluminum liner with a full carbon fibre over wrap, and is marketed under the DyneCell(R) brand name. Dynetek's common shares trade under the symbol DNK on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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