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International Plastic Car Body Conference

27 April 2001

Seven car bodies from Europe and the USA are to be displayed at the 4th European Automobile Conference entitled Plastic Car Bodies, Today and Tomorrow. The conference is scheduled for June 11-12, 2001 in Bad Nauheim/Frankfurt, Germany.

Once thought of as a futuristic goal, plastic lightweight vehicle bodies are becoming a reality. In this conference, different manufacturers have set-out to prove that plastic materials can be used cost effectively in automatic serial production of vehicle designs and that semi-finished products made of similar materials and manufacturing technology are available in a form suitable for automobile construction. Even in structural frame components, fibre-reinforced plastic materials are beginning to compete with steel and aluminum.

The conference focuses on plastic car bodies intended for international mass production; the most recent studies, developments of plastic structures, complete modules and subassemblies, and all issues connected with development and application potentials, process engineering, production, cost and quality. Models on display are the Ford ""Think,"" the Ligier ""Nova"" and ""Due,"" the Aston Martin ""Vanquish,"" the Horlacher modular concept, the ""Avantime"" made by SMC, the WorldStar vehicle and the Peugeot ""307.""

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