1000 Continuous Hours Of Performance Testing on 6kWh Flywheel

27 April 2001

Beacon Power Corporation has successfully completed more than 1000 hours of continuous operation of key subsystems for its next- generation 6kWh Flywheel Energy Storage System. Beacon also announced that its 6kWh prototypes will be tested during the second quarter of 2001 and Beta test units will be delivered to customers in the fourth quarter of 2001.

Subsystems that completed these tests included such critical components as the flywheel's integrated vacuum system, magnetic bearing system, and composite rotor structure. The new 6kWh system will use the same control electronics developed for Beacon's current 20C1000 2kWh flywheel product. Those electronics are currently undergoing testing by Underwriters Laboratory.

Beacon Power Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets advanced flywheel technology products that provide reliable electric power required by the information economy. Beacon Power Corporation is the only company to have developed a flywheel made from proprietary composite materials that can store and deliver the energy needed for long-duration backup of remote communications sites. Beacon Power Corporation is initially targeting this $4 billion communications segment of the $12 billion power quality and reliability market with products that offer significant advantages over environmentally hazardous lead-acid battery back-up power systems, including higher reliability, longer life, reduced maintenance, quicker recharging, remote monitoring and environmental friendliness.

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