WTA Licensee Sale of 60 Vehicles

13 April 2001

World Transport Authority Inc’s South American Master License holder, WorldStar Andino, received an order for a fleet of 60 refrigerated lorries, equipped with WTA's unique, ecologically sound, composite design.

Colombian Cold Meats & Bakery giant Suiza placed the order, which will be delivered by Andino's factory based in the Santander de Quilichao region of Colombia. Suiza has accepted the initial delivery of 20 vehicles, which are now operating in its fleet. Delivery of another 15 vehicles is scheduled in May, with the balance of 25 vehicles to follow by June 1, 2001. Suiza's decision to choose WorldStar's affordable units greatly enhances its infrastructure and distribution capability.

Lyle Wardrop, CEO and president, stated, ""This order strongly affirms the flexibility of the WorldStar design. The conversion from our basic delivery van design to a refrigerated unit to meet Suiza's specifications was accomplished quickly and easily. WTA can expect revenues from this development in the near future, and we anticipate reporting similar successes from licensees in the next few quarters."" WTA's founders identified the need for an inexpensive, rugged utility vehicle for developing nations around the world. WTA has designed a vehicle it believes to be capable of the same favorable economic impact on developing nations as the Ford Model T had for the United States and the Volkswagen Beetle had for Europe.

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