Perth launch for CSIRO new millennium science

06 April 2001

Get globally competitive and get sustainable or gradually lose market share to imports"" was CSIRO's message to over 100 executives from leading Perth built environment sector organisations at the launch of its New Millennium Science portfolio in Perth last week.
""Already there is a massive trade deficit for Built Environment Sector services and it won't get any better unless Australian industry takes a global view and embraces new technology and invests more in innovation "" says Larry Little, head of CSIRO Built Environment, the new marketing alignment for CSIRO work in infrastructure science.
CSIRO itself has taken this approach with its new Millennium science portfolio, committing a budget of $105 M over three years to ensure Australia's built environment science capability will produce world-leading technology.
This is the highest R&D budget spent on the built environment in Australia and employs teams totalling 170 scientists whose major job will be to deliver technologies that are relevant to the future of Australia. Highlights of the new science effort for three years to 2003 include the end to the world's stockpile of almost indestructible used car tyres that will be transformed into new composite plastics, new car tyres and pipelines.

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