Bris Sales Introduces “Titan Thermal-Bond” Fabrics

05 April 2001

Bris Sales Co. is offering a new production concept in the manufacture of Fiberglass Fabrics. Titan Thermal-Bond Fiberglass Fabrics are firmly held together with thin layers of hot melt glue scrim, a web like mesh with tiny hot melt strands spaced at one to two inch increments. The Warp has glue strands on each side at opposite 45-degree angles, and the Weft has glue strands on both sides at 0-degree angles. Fabrics are available in bi-directional and unidirectional fiberglass orientation with and with out mat attached.
Titan Thermal-Bond Fabrics use less resin than Knitted Fabrics because of its unique “fiber lay-down”. Fibers are laid flat, like one sheet of glass, with very little strand definition. This product can be processed at extremely high glass to resin ratios with virtually no “Windows”, resulting in little pooling of resin or “Print-Through” of the Fabric Pattern.
Bris Sales Co. has manufacturing facilities in Conroe, Texas and in Matamoros, Mexico. You can reach Bris Sales for more information at (936)539-3766 or Email them

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