YLA Cellular Products to Become Ultracor Incorporated

02 April 2001

Specialty composite honeycomb producer YLA Cellular Products will become Ultracor Incorporated. Announced at the JEC Composites Show, this change will become effective July 1, 2001.
Michael Fellman, the company's founder and President, says, ""This is really the beginning of a new era. We have been producing advanced core materials under the trade name of Ultracor since 1995. Our mission is simply to develop and produce the best honeycomb materials in the world and the name Ultracor Incorporated is a better reflection of that purpose.""
The company offers composite Ultracor$ honeycomb and other core materials fabricated from Carbon Fiber, Carbon-Carbon, Quartz, and other fibers with customer specified resin systems. Ultracor@ materials have earned the confidence of worldwide manufacturers of space hardware and have a successful and extensive space heritage.
For additional information contact Wally Hansen at 01-925-454-3010 or by e-mail

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