JEC Composites Awards 2001: The Winners

02 April 2001

The JEC AWARDS 2001 have been awarded on the occasion of JEC COMPOSITES SHOW 2001, on March 27, at the CNIT Paris-La Défense. The competition was open to companies from all countries as long as they had developed an exceptional “composite solution” in terms of technical quality, market openings and the degree of excellence of the customer/supplier partnership, in five categories: Air Transport, Land and Sea Transport, Civil Engineering and Infrastructures, Industry and Processes, Health and Leisure.
Air Transport Category
Ten Cate Advanced Composites and partners EADS Airbus France, British Aerospace Airbus, Fokker Special Products. Wing leading edge for the Airbus A340-600.
Land and Sea Transport Category
Fraunhofer ICT and partners Polymer Chemie, Daimler Chrysler Research, Deutsche Modell und Formenbau, Saertex Wagner, Dieffenbacher, Vetrotex. Passenger footrest for the Smart car.
Civil Engineering and Infrastructures
Fre Composites and partners Vetrotex America, Ciba-Geigy. A pipe made of composite materials that is used for transporting electricity for a water pumping station. The duct protects high-voltage electric cables that were routed across a lake out of necessity.
Industry and Processes Category
Roctool And Schappe Techniques and partner EMS Chemie. This process creates an entire processing chain for the material, from spun yarns all the way to the composite part. Going from the preform stage to the finished part in carbon composite requires only a minute or two.
Health and Leisure Category
Icotec and partners ETH Zürich, Faigle Kunstoffe, SFS, Hôpital Cantonal de Saint Gallen, Dyne Design Engineering, Alfatec, Remco International. Screws for bone surgery (holding broken bones together, such as vertebrae).
Since 1998, the JEC Composites Awards have rewarded the best processes, products and applications utilising composite materials. JEC Composites Awards is a competition organised by Jec S.A. To join the next competition, contact Chris Asselin at JEC SA

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