$5 Million Investment in 3TEX

02 April 2001

3TEX, Inc, a worldwide leader in developing next generation 3D fabrics and composites, today announced the successful conclusion of its first offering to an Institutional Investor, in the amount of $5 million.

Brad Lienhart, President and CEO of 3TEX, Inc. commented, ""DB Capital, Inc., an affiliate of Deutsche Bank A.G. and 3TEX has signed an investment agreement totalling $5 million, of which $3 million was provided at closing and an additional $2 million tied to milestone performance objectives."" Mr. Lienhart added, ""This is part of our original business plan to raise some $10 million through Institutional Investors, DB Capital, Inc. being one of several interested investors. This infusion of capital into 3TEX will accelerate plant and equipment expansion in the US and Europe, expand product development, and heighten market awareness of 3TEX's expertise in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of advanced composite products on a global basis.""

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