Flame Seal Signs Agreement With Strongwell

27 September 2000

Flame Seal Products Inc. and Strongwell Corporation have signed a five year agreement that grants Strongwell exclusive rights to use Flame Seal's fire protective chemicals and coatings to create superior fire resistant products for the fiberglass pultrusion markets, so long as Strongwell uses only Flame Seal's products in that market. Strongwell Corporation, with corporate headquarters in Bristol, Va., is the world's largest pultruder of fiberglass reinforced composite structural shapes and plate, and the nation's largest precaster of polymer concrete products. At this time, Flame Seal is assisting with in-house laboratory testing of its coatings on Strongwell's fiberglass parts for a number of "first-target" markets. The two companies will work in cooperation with each other in the obtaining of testing, qualifications and certifications necessary to sell pultruded parts and/or structures coated with or containing Flame Seal's coatings and/or chemicals, to the markets of Strongwell Corporation.

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