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Cymat receives first commercial orders for Aluminum Foam

20 September 2000

Cymat Corp, an innovative materials technology company, today announced its first commercial orders for Stabilized Aluminum Foam (SAF) from Wilhelm Karmann GmbH, an international, full-service automotive supplier based in Germany. "We have been working with Cymat on applications for SAF for some time now and see promising potential for expanding our relationship," said Wolfgang Seelinger, Manager of Advanced Development AFS at Karmann. "Karmann's recent order, preceded by two smaller orders for SAF earlier this year, demonstrates the success of Cymat's extensive testing and development as well as an acceleration of Karmann's work with SAF," said Michael M. Liik, Cymat's Chief Executive Officer. "We are pleased that Karmann recognizes the relevance of SAF to improving product design in a number of industries. Karmann's orders also represent the beginnings of modest revenues from commercialization of SAF, a notable accomplishment for Cymat." Karmann is an independent first-tier supplier to the automotive industry, offering a unique range of high quality services varying from full-service development and manufacturing engineering to niche vehicle assembly. Cymat holds the worldwide license from Alcan International to manufacture Stabilized Aluminum Foam (SAF). The patented, continuous casting process to produce SAF combines alloyed aluminum with a metal matrix composite to create lightweight, porous panels, 2-D extrusions or 3-D shapes. SAF's wide array of attractive properties include high strength-to-weight, mechanical energy absorption, thermal and acoustic insulation and relative low cost of production, compared with other porous materials and metallic foams. Having successfully commissioned its casting plant last fall, Cymat is now working with a number of partners spanning the automotive, aerospace, building and general manufacturing industries to develop end-use applications employing SAF.

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