Plyonex Warehouse/Distribution Plan

14 September 2000

As the first step in establishing a nationwide warehouse distribution organization for PolyPly water-based thermoplastic emulsions, Michael Dorf, general manager of Plyonex, has announced the appointment of Dorsett and Jackson as Regional Distributor for California. Dorsett and Jackson, with warehouses in Los Angeles and San Francisco, is a distributor of plastics, coatings, adhesives and related materials. Paul E. Grubs, Dorsett and Jackson chairman, commented on his firm's appointment: "PolyPly thermoplastic emulsions offer new convenience and efficiency for prepreggers and molders who are enabling the trend toward the use of thermoplastics in composite manufacturing. We expect the West Coast, with heavy concentration of composite manufacturers using prepregs, to be a major market for PolyPly." In announcing the appointment, Dorf commented: "Dorsett and Jackson has the ideal combination of a knowledgeable sales team and experienced warehouse operations. Initially, their focus will be on application development, but they will operate as stocking distributor as volume demands." Plyonex has developed and is patenting a method of producing thermoplastic molding compounds in aqueous emulsions which can be used in a variety of conventional molding techniques to produce structural composites. Plyonex molding products are available as PolyPly aqueous emulsions of modified acrylic, styrenic, and urethane polymers. In addition to freedom from the expenses associated with VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions, PolyPly molding materials can be formed using low cost tooling and consolidated without expensive autoclave equipment. Dorf commented further: "While the original intent of our process was to serve the composites industry, we are encouraged by finding new applications for aqueous thermoplastic emulsions in unrelated applications." Contact: Michael Dorf Phone: +1 877.765.9759

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