Infinite Group and Triton Systems Form Strategic Alliance

14 September 2000

Infinite Group Inc. and privately held Triton Systems Inc. today announced that Laser Fare ATG, a member of Infinite's Laser and Photonics Group and Triton Systems Inc have formed a strategic alliance to commercialize laser fabricated components from high performance metals such as metal matrix composites (MMC). "Laser fabricated MMCs represent the state of the art in strong, lightweight robust materials for aerospace and automotive applications," said Clifford G. Brockmyre, CEO of Infinite Group. "These components are being considered for such diverse applications as telecommunications satellites and medical implants. Not only do these parts have superior materials properties but it is possible to fabricate sensors directly into the part during production to monitor the health of a system in real time." "We are pleased to be working with Triton Systems on this program," said Terry Feeley, President of Laser Fare ATG. "Triton Systems is an established leader in the area of MMCs and an ideal commercialization partner for this direct write laser manufacturing technique." Ross Haghighat, President and CEO of Triton Systems added, "...I am thrilled with the opportunities this Alliance opens for both companies. It combines a leader in materials with a leader in laser manufacturing to fabricate components to meet end user requirements significantly faster and in a more cost-effective manner. Since the technology we are going to commercialize eliminates extensive machining to produce the final component, it enables the economic manufacture of hard to produce materials, such as metal matrix composites." Triton Systems is an advanced materials and process company with patented production techniques and high performance specialized materials. Triton uses its technology in polymeric, metallic and ceramic materials and processes to engineer and insert components into focused consumer, aerospace, industrial and medical applications.

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