Blended Winglets Certified for Boeing Business Jet

14 September 2000

The Boeing Company confirmed that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted Supplemental Type Certificate approval for Aviation Partners Boeing's "blended winglets," currently offered on the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ). This means that Boeing will offer blended winglets -- upward-swept extensions to airplane wings -- as standard equipment on the BBJ. "Achieving this certification for the BBJ with blended winglets benefits our customers by providing the airplane with better performance and a distinctive appearance," said Borge Boeskov, BBJ president. The blended winglets -- made of composite material -- are more than eight feet high, and sweep up from the BBJ's wingtips. Besides giving the BBJ a distinctive appearance, the wingles create more efficient flight characteristics in cruise, as well as during takeoff and climbout. This translates into approximately 300 nautical miles of additional range with the same fuel and payload. Under certain conditions, BBJ customers may also be able to take advantage of the improved takeoff performance provided by the winglets by loading up to 4,000 pounds more payload. Aviation Partners Boeing also is developing this technology for application in the commercial airline retrofit market for the 737-700 and -800. Certification of that program is expected early next year. Next month Aviation Partners Boeing plans to evaluate blended winglets in flight on several other Boeing airplane models, including the 737-300 and the 747-200 and -300

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