Andersen Corporation Commits to Protect Endangered Forests

14 September 2000

Andersen Corporation, maker of Andersen windows and patio doors, announced today that it will not source wood from endangered forests and it will give preference to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or equivalent certified wood supplies in the manufacture of its products. These commitments become a part of the company's established practices of promoting responsible forestry management in the procurement of wood supplies. Wood has always been a key material resource at Andersen. Historically, the company has approached the sustainability of wood as a resource in three ways -- through responsible sourcing, conservation and the reclamation of wood in its operations. Andersen primarily uses ponderosa pine in its window and patio door products and it is sourced from well-managed forests mainly in the western United States. The company is using increasing quantities of its patented biofiber composite, Fibrex(TM) material, made from waste wood fiber. Fibrex material was developed to reduce the company's need for raw timber and reclaim its wood waste stream. Andersen also conducts ongoing research on wood species and alternatives for use in its products. Andersen Corporation is the market leader in manufacturing wood windows and patio doors, and is recognized internationally for its innovative products.

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