Adelaide company Air-Ride recognised for innovation

14 September 2000

The Minister for Industry, Science and Resources, Senator Nick Minchin, today congratulated an Adelaide company, Air-Ride, on its innovative research and development projects at a special ceremony at the company's premises in Athol Park. Air-Ride received a $2.1 million Commonwealth Government R&D Start grant to develop a "curtain-sider" or "tautliner" trailer with sides enclosed with a canvas-like material. The Road-n-Rail coupling system allows trailers to be towed by both semi-trailers and rail wagons without the need for the goods to be unloaded and reloaded. "Recently Air-Ride were also awarded a further $2 million Commonwealth Government grant to embark on the development of Polycom freight vans which are up to 30 percent lighter than anything in the world", Senator Minchin said. "Adelaide University and the Cooperative Research Centre for Advance Composite Structures are working with Air-Ride to develop lighter, stronger materials. "Both projects will reduce costs to Australia's freight haulage industry", Senator Minchin said

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