Live Boat Construction at São Paulo Boat Show

04 October 2000

A great event will be waiting for the attendees of São Paulo Boat Show 2000. The live construction of a 16 ft powerboat! The engineering division of Barracuda Technologies, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the leading composite material supplier in Brazil, will repeat the success of the Rio Boat Show demonstration realized in April of this year. Barracuda Technologies will present this demonstration as a part of a program for the advancement of the marine industry through the dissemination of technical information on the materials and processes presently in use. As an engineering company, Barracuda Technologies has always advocated new materials that have advanced lightweight applications in the Marine Industry. The boat will be constructed during the show by Barracuda Technologies master builders using the latest techniques available in the Marine Market using advanced materials such as multiaxial, aramid, and carbon fibers, PVC foam core, in conjunction of an epoxy matrix with a slightly vanilla scent, and vacuum bagging process. The idea is to show a very professional, clean and efficient method of construction even on a small powerboat. At the end of the show, Barracuda Technologies will donate the finished hull. There are expected about 120,000 spectators during the 6 days show.

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