Cymat stock trading moved to the Canadian Venture Exchange

04 October 2000

Cymat Corp., an innovative materials technology company, announced that trading in Cymat shares will be moved to the Canadian Venture Exchange (CDNX) as of Monday, October 2, 2000. The new trading symbol for the shares will be YFO. "We are pleased with our move to a more visible, liquid trading forum for Cymat shares," said Michael M. Liik, Cymat's Chairman and CEO. Cymat holds the worldwide license from Alcan International to manufacture Stabilized Aluminum Foam (SAF). The patented, continuous casting process to produce SAF combines alloyed aluminum with a metal matrix composite to create lightweight, porous panels, 2-D extrusions or 3-D shapes. SAF's wide array of attractive properties include high strength-to-weight, mechanical energy absorption, thermal and acoustic insulation and relative low cost of production, compared with other porous materials and metallic foams. Having successfully commissioned its casting plant last fall, Cymat is now working with a number of partners spanning the automotive, aerospace, building and general manufacturing industries to develop end-use applications employing SAF

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