CFRP Strand-Prestressed Concrete Bridge Innovation

04 October 2000

Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc. (CTL) is pleased to announce commencement of its Structural Laboratory's full scale load test program of a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP)-reinforced prestressed concrete girder for the innovative Southfield, Michigan Bridge Street Bridge over the Rouge River. For the first time ever in the United States, the City of Southfield's project will adapt nonmetallic CFRP prestressing reinforcement in a highway bridge structure, for direct comparison with a sister structure constructed with traditional materials. Implications of the project are far reaching, presenting the potential to permanently change the way concrete bridges are built, increasing their anticipated durability and life span. The prestressed and post-tensioned test girder was fabricated by PSI/Hollowcore Inc. of Windsor, Ontario. "Our involvement in the Bridge Street program extends CTL's nearly ten year old initiative to help suppliers and manufacturers adopt and expand use of FRP for a variety of engineered structures, this being the most comprehensive of them all. We are really excited about this development and the broad potential for innovation that it portends for CTL's clients and the composites community." said Adrian Ciolko, CTL Vice President. CTL will conduct full scale laboratory load tests of the 60-ton, 70-foot long double tee girder and also monitor the span's performance in Southfield for the purpose of helping the Bridge Street Bridge deployment team advance structural design principals for CFRP-prestressed concrete. The CFRP-prestressed girder load test program progress can be viewed on the CTL Structural Laboratory Webcam at The load test to destruction of the bridge component is presently scheduled for October 13, 2000.

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