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Concorde working group to examine fuel tank lining proposal

23 November 2000

The Anglo-French working group that is examining ways in which the Concorde supersonic jet can be improved to increase safety is apparently looking at the development of a rubber-like fuel tank liner similar to the material used in Formula 1 motor racing. The lining option, which involves a Kevlar-rubber compound, was expected to be presented by manufacturers when the group met in Paris on 13 November. The lining would reportedly prevent the risk of catastrophic fuel leaks. The Concorde, which is flown only by Air France and British Airways, had its airworthiness certificate suspended after an Air France Concorde crashed shortly after taking off from Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport on 25 July. The accident killed 113 people. Concorde will not be allowed to resume flights ntil the implementation of safety recommendations that aviation authorities feel would help prevent a similar crash.

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