Barracuda New Sandwich Core Cutting Facilities in Brazil

23 November 2000

Barracuda Technologies, the large distributor of core materials and sandwich technology in South America has announced the operation of his new core material custom cutting facilities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Barracuda Technologies developed a new plant in order to continuously provide sandwich technology solutions to the Brazilian market. Core material kits and customs solutions will allow Barracuda's customers to increase productivity, reduce waste, reduce cost and gain competitive edge. With ready to use components and core materials parts, which facilitate modern manufacturing technologies, this development allows for Barracuda to further grow the market in Brazil. The new project with support of DIAB Group, worldwide manufacturer of PVC foam Divinycellâ and Klegecellâ, have capacity to process 2,000,000 square foot of core materials per year. The next stage to be implemented on first quarter of 2001 includes kit and panel production for the whole Barracuda Technologies core materials line in order to cover sandwich application process for vacuum bagging, infusion and RTM parts. More info please contact

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