Lotus M250 Coupé In Series Production

09 May 2000

Lotus is putting the fabulous M250 coupé into series production, with production expected to start in the early part of 2002. Lotus has turned the sports car market on its head with the production of its new super car at the price of a mid-range saloon car. The announcement to build the M250, of more than 4000 units a year will start in the in 2002 and the sports car will cost approximately £40,000. This approach continues to make Lotus a notable success story amongst UK car manufacturers. The company has been performing well in recent years and over the past five years turnover has more than doubled with profit increasing by over 500% the last two financial years. Similar to the Lotus Elise, the M250 uses the very latest composites technology to keep its weight below 1000kg; enhancing acceleration - 0-60mph in less than 5.0secs, 0-100mph in under 11.0secs - and benefits fuel consumption to rival the Elise which stands at 40 MPG. Top speed of the M250 is limited to 155mph.

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