Composite Cars throughout South America

29 March 2000

Composite Automobile Research Ltd, through its wholly owned subsidiary, World Transport Authority, Inc (WTA) announced a commitment to implement WorldStar(R) factories throughout South America. The expansion is expected to originate in Argentina and will extend into the southern regions of the country. The contract equates to 120 new WorldStar(R) factories , each paying license fees of US$112,000, per factory, to WTA. WTA receives a recurring income stream royalties, parts and sales per vehicle, in excess of US$600. The income on an annual basis on a one-car-per-day factory from the recurring revenue streams is US$225, 000. The principle of the company is to serve the emerging world's transportation needs through in-country manufacturing facilities utilizing local semi-skilled labor to produce the WorldStar(R) line of utility vehicles.

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