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Yachts In Strong Demand in China

28 June 2000

Yachts are in great demand in China, thanks to the continuous upgrading of China's economic development level and the rapid development of the tourism industry. It is learned that the top ten national tourism development zones will invest tens of billions of yuan in the development and renovation of tourism facilities, of which, 30% will be earmarked to build on-the-water health, recreational and tourism projects. Beijing put eight 500,000-600,000 yuan yachts into service on several water tour circuits in 1999 and will go on to put another 40 yachts into use this year. In the light of the booming yacht market, a group of inland enterprises in Shanghai and other places have undertaken the feasibility research of yacht-building and started to seek cooperation with noted foreign yacht builders in the production of luxury tour boats and related outboard motors. The Red Double Happiness (Group) Co., Ltd., the noted sport apparatus producer in China, has built a luxury reinforced glass fiber pleasure boat production base in Songjiang of Shanghai in cooperation with foreign investors.

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