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Primix Corporation Advances Productivity and Profits

28 June 2000

The Primix Corporation, manufacturer of the "Primix Engineered Composite Railroad Tie", announces the acquisition of a key manufacturing component for the construction of its railroad tie. This component, which is critical to the steel fabrication element of the tie construction, will afford Primix the opportunity to have the steel segment of the tie mass-produced, which up to this time has been individually fabricated. Marc Shea, president of Primix Corporation stated, "The measure of customer interest in our tie has elevated to a level where we now consider it prudent to expend the finances and acquire the equipment to mass produce the key steel element in our tie. With the procurement of this equipment, we now have the ability to mass-produce the steel element. By doing so, we will realize a substantial reduction in production costs and thus a considerable increase in profit margin on every tie we produce. We expect to have this new equipment online in four weeks." The Primix Corporation is the manufacture of the "Primix Engineered Composite Railroad Tie". Designed for new railroad track construction or replacement of existing deteriorating railroad ties, the Primix Tie, in laboratory tests, has proven to be vastly superior to its wood, concrete, or plastic tie competitors in all areas of testing. The Primix Corporation is positioning itself to be a major supplier to the multi-billion dollar annual market for railroad ties.

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