AASI Aircraft Jetcruzer 500 Receives FAA Pressurization Test Certificate

20 June 2000

Advanced Aerodynamics & Structures, Inc. announced that the company has received its FAA Pressurization Test Certificate, FAA Form 8110-3, for its new high performance propjet aircraft. The Jetcruzer 500(TM) passed the complex composite fuselage structure pressurization tests to the satisfaction of the Federal Aviation Administration last month. The Jetcruzer 500 is now certified to FAA standards up to 30,000 feet, representing an attitude of over five miles. Pressurization is a key feature that distinguishes this aircraft from its originally FAA certified Jetcruzer 450(TM). Advanced Aerodynamics & Structures, Inc. (AASI Aircraft) is a development-stage company organized to design, develop, have certified by the FAA, manufacture and market propjet and jet aircraft for the world business, commercial and government markets.

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