Lear Corporation Introduces Two New Polymers for Interior Applications

13 June 2000

Lear Corporation, one of the world's premier automotive interior suppliers, has launched two new polymer materials to be used in some of Lear's future offerings of interior trim products: door panels, pillars and trunk trim. With properties promising optimized occupant safety and cost saving potential, these ultra- lightweight and recyclable polymers could literally save vehicle manufacturers both weight and money. Because they are composed of natural fibres that are replenishable, the two polymers are also environmentally friendly. The two innovative polymers, natural fibre acrylic and natural fibre polypropylene, have been developed at Lear's Manufacturing Operation Division's development center in Ebersberg, Germany, where materials development focuses on vehicle safety and weight reduction. Lear made the announcement on the new polymers at the VISE & VIBEX 2000. "With these two new polymers, Lear is addressing key material needs for European vehicle manufacturers, who want to reduce weight while contributing to passive safety," said Randall Carron, President - International Operations for Lear Corporation.

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