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IMPCO and Alcoa's Thiokol Propulsion Form Technology Alliance

13 June 2000

IMPCO Technologies, Inc. announced that its Advanced Technology Center in Irvine, California, has formed a strategic technology alliance with NASA Space Shuttle rocket booster manufacturer, Thiokol Propulsion, Alcoa Industrial Components Group, a subsidiary of Alcoa Inc. The alliance provides IMPCO access to over 1,000 Thiokol scientists, engineers and support personnel experienced in the handling and management of hydrogen fuel and allows IMPCO to advance the commercialization of Thiokol's unique composite conformable hydrogen fuel storage tank technology for the emerging automotive fuel cell markets. One of the first products IMPCO will develop for commercialization is Thiokol's unique, advanced composite conformable storage tank technology. This technology expands IMPCO's product line and complements IMPCO's "TriShield" ultra-lightweight composite gaseous fuel storage cylinders which are critical components required for optimizing the storage of on-board hydrogen fuel for fuel cell vehicles. The conformable tank technology allows for varying shapes, unlike conventional cylindrical shaped hydrogen storage tanks. Commercialization of fuel cell vehicles by the world's major automobile manufacturing companies is anticipated to begin in 2003.

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