FiberCote invests in new equipment

13 June 2000

FiberCote is pleased to announce that it has completed the installation a new state-of-the-art unidirectional tape line and film coater which was designed specifically for tight tolerance aerospace applications and spreading heavy tow to light weight tapes. John Tauriello, Director of Marketing and Sales, stated that FiberCote has had five years of growth and profits matched by a continued stream of capital investments made possible by the support of its parent company - Park Electrochemical Corporation. Mr. Tauriello further stated that FiberCote is experiencing strong growth in aircraft primary and secondary structures applications. To support this growth, FiberCote has appointed a new Technical Director, Dr. Shari Tidrick-Bugaj, and Steve Garrette, as Director of Operations. In addition, reporting to Dr. Bugaj, Tom Ranalli has been appointed as Quality Control Manager. Mike Babue has also joined FiberCote has Technical Sales Manager - Central Region.

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