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Advanced Technical Products Announces a Plan to Sell Its Alcore Division

04 July 2000

Advanced Technical Products, Inc announced that its Board has adopted a plan to sell its Alcore and Alcore Brigantine subsidiaries. For financial reporting purposes, these business units will be treated as discontinued operations. To date, the Company has not entered into any agreement or arrangement with any third party to purchase the subsidiaries. Garrett L. Dominy, President and CEO said, "The Company's strategy is to exit the materials segment of the business and focus its efforts on the core competencies of manufacturing advanced composite structures and chemical defense products which have shown strong growth this year over the past year." Advanced Technical Products, Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures high-performance radomes, aircraft components, rocket motor cases, pressure vessels, fuel tanks, shelter systems and other advanced composite products utilizing various production capabilities. The Company is also a leader in the design, development and manufacture of nuclear, biological and chemical detection and protection equipment. The Company's products are used in a variety of applications in the aerospace and defense industries, as well as, commercial markets.

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