Testing of the Primix Tie Successful

25 July 2000

The Primix Corporation, manufacturer of the revolutionary "Primix Engineered Composite Railroad Tie", announces they have passed the rigid testing requirements of the Railroad Industry. Past engineering data has always supported the fact that the Primix Tie is stronger, longer lasting, and more environmentally friendly than a wood tie. Leaders within the railroad industry have asked Primix to provide verified test data, from a railroad test facility. The test was performed on July 19th. The ultimate bending strength of a wood tie ranges from 10,000 lbs. to 12,000 lbs. The Primix tie was tested up to 28,000 lbs. before the testing was stopped. The tie was not taken to failure, which could have resulted in an even greater number. The Primix tie even passed a rail seat load test. A test that is standard for concrete ties (not wood), yet the Primix tie recorded 59,400 lbs. to the concrete numbers of only 51,000 lbs. A 16.47% increase. Primix's increase in strength, will provide better track stiffness, reduce maintenance, and allow the railroads to increase the loads, all equaling significant benefits to the Railroad companies. With each successful test, the Primix tie proves itself to be a formidable competitor for a portion of the Billion dollar per year market for railroad ties.

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