Mark Olson Joins Composite Solutions, Inc. as Chief Operating Officer

25 July 2000

Composite Solutions, Inc. today announced the appointment of Mark Olson as President and Chief Operating Officer, reporting to Dr. Gilbert Hegemier, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. In this newly created position, Mr. Olson will be responsible for the implementation of the company's business plan to provide comprehensive solutions for the repair and retrofit of various civil structures using fiber-reinforced polymer composites. Mr. Olson has consulted to Composite Solutions, Inc. (CSI) since January on the development of target markets and strategic alliances and mergers, including CSI's pursuit to acquire Anchor Reinforcements of Huntington Beach, CA. The manufacturing capabilities of Anchor will enable CSI to furnish products to the expanding civil construction industry. CSI provides end-to-end solutions for a variety of industries that use fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites. Using FRP technology developed by and licensed from the University of California, San Diego's Charles Lee Powell Structural Research Laboratories, CSI offers a comprehensive package from analysis through construction. Primary uses of the technology include structural strengthening, earthquake retrofitting and blast hardening of a variety of structures.

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